A puzzle game for iOS


MadBrix (2010)

A puzzle game for iOS

Madbrix is a puzzle game that combines physics with match-3 gameplay. Uniquely coloured blocks would fall from the top of the screen into an arena. The player had to connect similarly coloured blocks together in chains of three or more. They do this by dragging the blocks around the arena, taking care not to collide with other blocks or chains. Creating a chain will clear the blocks from the arena and earn the player points. As the player cleared more chains, the blocks would fall from the top of the screen more quickly. Blocks could fall off the arena into a dead zone at the bottom or side of the screen. When this happened, the player lost a "life". When the player lost all their available lives, it's game over.

I had already built a lot of infrastructure to support Smashed (as well as a large number of other unreleased games) and so I was able to build and ship the game quickly in 2010. This is also the first game I developed to run on an iPad.

I might re-release the game: watch this space!