madbrix - a game for iPhone

As a new recruit to a small demolition company known as "DDD Demolition", your job seems simple: you must demolish structures using newly developed "finger smashing" technology.

Easy, eh? Smash down some wood, then go home at 5pm and put your feet up before doing it all again the next day. The perfect lifestyle for a blue-collar schlub, right?

But after you finish what seems like a straightforward demolition training course, your "simple" job starts getting...weird.

Why is your boss, Ivan, always disappearing with the excuse of researching "new demolition technology"? Why does the young journalist, Lize Khoklakova, decide to turn DDD Demolition into a front page sensation? Why are your demolition jobs suddenly being sabotaged by radioactive pollution?

And just why is the powerful mayor of the city so heavily involved in absolutely everything you do?

Maybe demolition isn't that simple, after all!


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