Portraits with a tablet and Photoshop


Digital Painting (2009)

Portraits with a tablet and Photoshop

I wanted to see if my old painting skills could be revived. With a tablet, a couple of tutorials, and some stock photography, I went ahead and painted some portraits.

The idea was to print out each stock photography photo, and then attempt to recreate it as best as possible in photoshop, with the tablet, without tracing anything. I followed a pretty standard method of drawing a contour outline, and then block out colour within that outline. I would add a new layer when I wanted to work at a different level of detail.

I've added a gallery of each of the layers I used for each portrait. The layers don't really convey the trial and error I went through for each one to get it looking right. Often the hardest step was the initial contour image.

I ended up using the portraits in an iOS game, Smashed