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Older and richer investors can lose confidence in managing their portfolios. That’s why financial planners are making a comeback ... [more]

• A metal sculpture of a jackboot crushing a human head is Privacy International's "Big Brother" award, an award you don't want ... [more]

• The story of biotech sounds a lot like the tale of "The Little Engine That Could" ... [more]

• Make money and save the world, Tony Blair says ... [more]

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Features and Articles
Remember when we used to have hostile takeover fights on Wall Street? Those were the days. None of this namby-pamby talk about “strategic alliances” and “partnerships” that you hear today ... [more]

Guttenberg's printing press needed paper to make a revolution. The clunky e-book needs e-paper. And it's on the way ... [more]
So what are the new rules of real estate? Ask your broker. Then ask yourself if you believe her ... [more]
As market pressures on analyst companies increase, will their objectivity become more threatened? The success of the IT industry could hinge on the answer ... [more]
In their disarmingly frank style, many Americans look across the Atlantic and mutter, "What a bunch of losers." It's not easy being Europe in the 21st century ... [more]
All about the Colombian Black Market Peso Exchange, the "ultimate nexus between crime and commerce" ... [more] Great article
We're headed for some turbulent times! Not that the past five years weren't demonstrably nuts. They were! But that was the past five years. For the next five years, we're going to go from nuts to flat-out freakin' crazy! ... [more]
In the new-economy environment, automation is reaching higher up the employment hierarchy than ever before ... [more - free reg. req'd]
Pity the Internet entrepreneurs who helped build the new economy but did not survive long enough to enjoy it ... [more]
Has the British Labour Party loaded its country with so many new taxes and regulations that is almost impossible to do business in Britain? "Yes!" say the entrepreneurs ... [more]
America has been promised a soft landing. Consider an alternative ... [more]
A city better known for the model business than business models, Miami has suddenly become the epicenter for young entrepreneurs from all over Latin America ... [more]
The evolution of online manufacturing exchanges has unfolded suspiciously like a famous spaghetti western. Although lacking a haunting Ennio Morricone soundtrack, there is ample evidence of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly ... [more] Great article
With the economy's downturn, a bubble has burst for philanthropy, too: the high-tech sector is no longer seen as an easy mark for charity ... [more]
Where's the new IT girl? More should be done by both government and industry to encourage women to have careers in computing ... [more]
When Michael Kinsley headed to Redmond, Wash., five years ago to launch, there were dire warnings that the Microsoft dragon was about to devour the journalistic world ... [more]
Doom-mongers, take note: newborn companies with good ideas and talented leaders are still getting the money they need ... [more] ... Make that really talented ... [more]
Millions of pounds are being invested in services to help us deal with the problem of the new millennium: what to do with our new-found riches ... [more]
Recipients of stock options, the 1990's prescription for instant wealth, are learning that options can come back to bite them ... [more - free registration required]
Like divorces, severance agreements between companies and laid-off employees have a certain amount of unhappiness built into them-for all parties concerned ... [more]
Are you still paying every penny due? You may wake up someday and decide that you are a sap. You are surrounded by tax evaders ... [more]
For years, they were dismissed as too slow for the New Economy. But now, corporate giants are picking up the pace as lean start-ups begin to wear themselves out ... [more]
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Is it time to buy the Dow? According to an arcane indicator designed by the Episcopalian Church at the end of the Second World War, the answer is an unqualified yes ... [more]
The Napster ruling is among factors creating a favourable climate for content dependent websites ... [more]
GPS is good for more than shopping. With it, we need never feel alone again ... [more]
2001 -- Bull or bear? Confused Wall Streeters should take a look at 1990, when the party was just beginning ... [more]
Nothing gets more support from behavioral economists than the view that the stock market responds not to corporate reality, but to the moods of investors ... [more - free registration required]
From worldwide dominance, Japan's consumer electronics industry faces change and uncertainty as it crosses into the 21st century ... [more] ... [a bit more]
In search of the affluent masses: People with more money than financial experts are being eagerly wooed by Europe's banks ... [more]
Nothing screams discretionary spending like a $500 postage stamp. With the economy slowing and consumer confidence at a four-year low, will people keep clicking their virtual paddles? ... [more]
Henry Mintzberg is in hot pursuit of a personal goal that he wrote down on a scrap of paper almost two years ago and then locked away in a vault at a bank in Montreal ... [more]
Stuffy old England's disdain for upstart innovators is going the way of the Empire ... [more] ... its cumbersome regulatory environment, however, is not ... [more]
Half or more of the big mergers, acquisitions, and alliances you read about in the newspapers fail to create significant shareholder value ... [more]
In the ceremony we call entrepreneurship, it's often family, friends and finances that end up on the altar ... [more - registration required]
Last week, the world's leading figures in technology, business and politics met in Davos, Switzerland to discuss the future of the Internet. One question: How the hell would they know? ... [more]
Amazon, Yahoo!, eBay: Their three silly made-up names, none more than seven years old, are among the world’s best-known brands ... [more]
After the burst of the dot-com bubble it might seem optimistic to be looking for the next big thing ... [more] ... or to be building a posthumous legend out of it all ... [more]
There will always be an England. But the same might not be true of British Telecommunications ... [more]
The World Economic Forum at Davos this year has been a production of Hamlet without the prince ... [more]
NTT DoCoMo has teamed with AT&T Wireless to bring the wireless Net service to the States. But do Americans really want it? ... [more]
Investors who snap up the assets, stock and debt of troubled companies are finding ripe pickings as the economy stumbles ... [more]
As Austin Powers said when he awoke after 30 years to discover capitalism had triumphed over communism, "Yeah, capitalism" ... [more]
Top writers' salaries may be near the high six figures, but life in the trenches is no more enriching than it was 30 years ago ... [more]
Why do so many companies shell out big bucks to name a sports arena -- then generate disappointing returns for investors? ... [more] ... [a bit more]
It took almost 50 years, but technology has finally caught up with Harry Markowitz's efficient portfolio strategy ... [more]
Despite being in development (in various guises) for more than twelve years, the ubiquitous-computing vision remains just that: a vision ... [more]
Gimme a go! Young entrepreneurs are happy that the generation before them failed to conquer the new economy ... [more - They may also want a mentor capitalist]
A new era of newspaper experiments on the Internet has begun ... [more - free registration required]

Companies and People
There is a story about De Beers, the diamond cartel now polishing a more friendly image, that needs to be told ... [more]

An energetic 73-year-old, Masako Kurihara belongs to a generation of Japanese that knows little purpose in life other than work ... [more]
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've all met a Dan Zanger - or 20. You know whom we're talking about: the guy at work who won't shut up about how he's whipping every fund manager on the planet with his tech portfolio ... [more]
Tech News. Filtered Daily.

John Caudwell is a billionaire. He owns a helicopter, a plane and a mobile phone empire, but he still wears slippers from Debenhams ... [more]
The myth of the global corporation: Barely a week goes by without a reminder of how important national culture remains in the lives of large companies ... [more]
VCs and Dotcoms: Ok . . . we've weeded out the wanna-bes. Who's still with us? ... [more] ... [and more]
Is your CEO a computer geek? Veteran managers who fail to learn enough to lead Internet strategies may find themselves with limited job prospects in the next few years ... [more]
India lures the high-tech expat dollar: computer programmers who once left for Silicon Valley are now investing their riches back home ... [more]
It's in a bunch of complex businesses. Its financial statements are nearly impenetrable. So why is Enron trading at such a huge multiple? ... [more]
"I'm the CEO. Well, actually, I guess I'm the president." Simulant, a company with an average staff age of 21.6 years, gets sucked into the Caltech mafia ... [more]
PayPal may be a phenomenon -- the preferred payment method on eBay and a darling of the financial press -- but among a growing number of the service's 6.5 million users, backlash is brewing ... [more]
Diageo PLC’s four-person "invigoration team" experiments with bar “environments,” bottle-display techniques and how to match drinks to customer moods ... [more]
Many investors wish they could turn back the clock to about a year ago, before the market started its slide. The same might be said for Palm Inc. ... [more]
Jeff Arnold, founder of WebMD, could be the Poster Boy for the Internet bubble. And yet smart investors are already piling into his latest scheme ... [more]
The latest handiwork from one of the Digital Age’s most bankable and enduring Boy Wonders, Mr. Marc Andreessen, is something by the name of Loudcloud Inc. ... [more]
28-year-old Julie Mortimer is part of a new contingent of hot job candidates: students with doctorates in economics who want to teach ... [more]
Ready for carbon fibers, stronger than steel, that could provide the cables for "space elevators" or replace all the world's electrical transmission lines? Nobelist Richard Smalley describes his "lunatic" vision of a nanotube world ... [more]
What's wrong with Microsoft? The software giant usually demolishes any opponent that dares to step in its path. But it can't beat streaming-media king RealNetworks ... [more]
It's a telltale sign: Venture capitalists are occasionally wearing suits and ties again ... [more] ... [and more]
Charles Schwab & Co. executive Sarah Bulgatz knew it was going to be bad when she felt the first sniffles and aching muscles a few weeks back ... [more]
Business strategy probably predates Michael Porter. Probably. But today, it is hard to imagine confronting the discipline without reckoning with perhaps the world's best-known business academic ... [more]
The online education market is still in grade school. One thing for sure: e-learning companies have a lot of homework to do ... [more] cool
"I wanted to be unemployed," said Dave Yatorno, laid off from an online newsletter, who had recently found work again. "I wanted to be laid off for, like, four months, collecting unemployment" ... [more]
Bruce Healey belongs to a small but growing band of husbands who have crashed what was once a global wives’ club: the world of the trailing spouse ... [more]
When hard times hit, not all companies dish out layoffs. Some find imaginative ways to remove costs ... [more]
These CEOs built companies strong enough to go public and weather the Nasdaq storm this year. Now they're very, very rich. Here's how they did it ... [more]
Ever wish you could start over, armed with what you've learned about e-business? Blodget, Branson, Dell, Diller, Laybourne, and dozens of others certainly have ... [more]
Andersen Consulting, er...Accenture launches the biggest, meanest, fastest, most irrelevant rebranding campaign ever ... [more]
For all of his enthusiasm, the 44-year-old Steve Ballmer is hardly the first tech company CEO with a plan to exploit the Internet ... [more]
In the 36 years that Warren Buffett has been running the company, Berkshire Hathway's per-share book value has gone from about $12 a share to a year-end price of $71,000 ... [more]
Despite their newfound wealth, many IT professionals remain stubbornly stingy when it comes to philanthropy ... [more] ... Moguls choose their causes carefully.
Come, join us, beckoned the growing legions of dot- companies, promising challenge, adventure, new responsibilities, and the chance to get really, truly rich ... [moreGreat article
It's like a story from the "old" days: A couple of high school kids meet online, create a dot-com and hire someone on the other side of the country who's old enough to be their mother ... [more]  Headliner: 12-Yr-Old CEO Joins China Trade Trip.
Women-owned firms receive only 2.3% of all investment dollars ... [more] ... but that percentage is rising rapidly ...

• Further confirmation that more women are assuming financial management posts in U.S. companies ... [more]
For those who know him, Bob Davis's departure from Terra Lycos Inc. is terrible news ... [more] ... [and more]

• No one likes to be passed over for an opportunity to see his name in lights.
Bad CEOs: Brash predictions about earnings growth often lead to missed targets, battered stock, and creative accounting — and that's when times are good ... [more]
In an industry that claims to be suffering from a labor shortage, Curtis Anderson is one of many disgruntled programmers who can't find a job ... [more]
Palm, the wildly successful handheld company, wants to conquer the cell-phone world. But that's easier said than done ... [more]
With consumer spending slowing, it’s time for a new round of cola wars from Coke and Pepsi, right? Don’t bet on it ... [more]
More crummy jobs: Twelve bucks an hour and stock options may be great. What happens when it’s just twelve bucks an hour? ... [more]
At Microsoft, Bill Gates is famous for taking month-long "think time" sabbaticals, where he retreats to an isolated cabin to ponder the fate of the world ... [more]
With lofty dreams of riches shattered in last year's stock meltdown, ex-dot-commers are heading back to business school ... [more] ... [a bit more]. Gotta job for a BA?

• "All I remember hearing was 'How many boxes do you need?'" ... [more]
Lou Gerstner of IBM "I resist the idea that there is a new economy — something that is separate and distinct from some other economy." ... [more]
Rod Dennis is part of an elite group of venture capitalists dispensing wisdom gained from more than 40 years in the business ... [more]
The past few years of speculative new-economy bubble-headedness will no doubt go down in history as a gruesome case study in inept capitalist behavior ... [more]

Analysis and Opinion
Last year P2P and B2B stood for peer to peer and business to business, two hot trends that haven't delivered all that much; this year they stand for path to profitability and back to basics ... [more]

If China could merge its various stockmarkets, the result would be one of the world’s biggest ... [more]
There are tremendous amounts of cash out there, ready to galvanize the market at the first glimmer of good news ... [more]
Some economic downturns are worse than others, but the increasing suggestion that today's conditions are comparable to those of the bad old days shows that memories have fogged ... [more] ... These days banks sell simple joys instead of riches.
Population explosion? After decades of struggling to contain the global population explosion that emerged from the healthcare revolution of the 20th century, the world confronts an unfamiliar crisis ... [more] highly recommended
Call it the $3 trillion bubble. That's what last year's historic rise in technology stocks now looks like. Not a bull market. Not the investment opportunity of a lifetime ... [more] Only manic excitement at the end of a decade of prosperity ... [more]
It must be nice being a billionaire. You get your own jet. You don't have to work. The maitre d' always has a table for you. Better yet, you can afford the moral high ground ... [more] ... see an earlier article
Since last March, US markets have fallen more than they did in the crash of October 1987. How much further will they go? ... [more]
Americans have spent more than they save for years. What would happen if they actually socked more away and cut consumption? ... [more]
Don’t send your kids to college; send them instead to Virtual U.: namely, the University of Phoenix Online … the single greatest improvement in higher education since the condom ... [more]
With some companies posting weak earnings and laying off workers, the cries from U.S. labour are "Close those doors!" ... [more]
Rarely has the ratio of risks to rewards in a major economy been more favourable than it is in Japan today ... [more]
Whether you think Peter Drucker's management philosophy is timeless or completely outdated, no one can argue his common sense when it comes to business ... [more]
To many analysts, the biggest threat to the global economy isn't the crisis in Turkey, but the drag from the U.S. economy if it doesn't rebound as hoped ... [more]
Ravi Suria hardly meets the image of the Wall Street powerbroker or supercharged analyst, capable of slaying multi-billion dollar corporate titans with a few choice words ... [more] ... [and more]
Welcome to the intricacies of business-to-business e-commerce, where having a successful business isn't about having the best technology or portal design ... [more]
Despite the PC slowdown and a tarnished image, don't count out Gates & Co - when Microsoft gets past this rough patch, its new businesses could spark a new era of growth ... [more]
More Americans are bearish than bullish about the economic outlook, but they don't expect whatever deterioration they sense to hurt them personally ... [more]
Public relations executives use their characteristic glossy prose to describe the wild ride they took during the recent stretch of economic plenty ... [more]
China's long-awaited WTO entry should be a boon for global businesses. But it could also precipitate many more disputes between Beijing and its trade partners ... [more]
The vicious purpose of the Gates-Buffet-Soros endorsed petition is not to dispose of their own wealth, but to dispose of other people's money ... [more]
A downturn in the electronics cycle and financial market distortions that remain an undiffused time bomb pose serious risks to Asia's ongoing rebound ... [more]
The very word profit is always emotive. To some the figure is nothing more than an accounting nicety. To others, it is emblematic of all the evils of unfettered capitalism ... [more]
Postponing the inevitable pain of major layoffs extracts a high price, but Japanese managers are willing to pay ... [more]
There is a queasy suspicion that the process of scientific discovery is in some way corrupted if it is driven by profit ... [more]
While the spineless Dems dither, the stiffest resistance to Bush's outrageous tax plan comes from an unlikely quarter: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Sr. ... [more]
Dotcom schadenfreude has become as tiresome and unenlightening as e-business braggadocio was a year ago ... [more]
The tendency to shop online increases with age and access to credit cards, but one in five young people age 8 to 24 did purchase something using the Internet last year ... [more]
Let me tell you a story about life, death and profit. It involves some of the poorest countries in the world and some of the richest companies ... [more]
It has come to this. Content Web sites around the Internet are now passing around the virtual hat, asking for donations to keep their sites afloat ... [more]
Education works best, according to Andrew J. Coulson, when parents may choose it and must pay for it ... [more]
The world of energy is being turned upside down. The best thing governments can do is to get out of the way, says Vijay Vaitheeswaran ... [more]
President George W. Bush is free to do his worst to the economy, just as long as Alan Greenspan is around to keep things moving ... [more]
According to England's very own Internet visionary, Charles Leadbeater, the "first Internet" failed because technologists and geeks triumphed over their CEOs and managers ... [more] ... [a bit more]
A cut in interest rates generally leads to an expansion of money and credit. But these attempts to turbo-charge credit growth have an impressive list of critics ... [more]
Opportunity: from artificial bone to stem cells, biotech can offer high returns. It’s not for the faint of heart ... [more]
Content is Not King: The Internet is widely regarded as primarily a content delivery system. Yet historically, connectivity has mattered much more than content ... [moreGreat article
Endless boom is as impossible as endless summer. But in hard times the best companies can ride cycles, says Simon Caulkin ... [more]
Unemployment's up, confidence is down, the economy seems headed for a tailspin. But this time it's different ... [more]
As the economic mood of America shifts from exuberance to anxiety, Europe emerges as an oasis of tranquillity and prosperity ... [more] is trading at around $17 a share, well off its high of $91.50. But based on the company’s fundamentals, that's still $10 too expensive ... [more]
What's the matter, buddy? Did you buy at 160 and ride it down to 3? Did the New Economy leave you battered, bruised, in the red, and short on sleep? ... [more]
For probably well less than $1 billion, you now could walk away with a couple of Internet companies that were valued at more than $7 billion not long ago ... [more]
Privatisation, the EU and an increasingly risk-averse society have spurred the rise of rules, writes Kevin Brown ... [more]
As Davos greets the globalizing elite, George Monbiot argues that their project is fundamentally flawed ... [more]
Dealing in the excess inventory market is about turning someone else's junk - or mistake - into a jewel ... [more]
Cisco Systems needs an appreciating stock to stoke the acquisition machine that has driven its growth ... [more]
There are enough eerie similarities between America today and Japan in 1989-90 to be worrying. We'll start with excessive debt ... [more]
The World Social Forum sees itself as opposed to almost everything in the modern world, but is leery of proposing much itself ... [more]

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